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About Us

Founded in San Francisco in 2000, Earthwise Design strives to impact people through places. No matter what project we’re planning, we always aim to make a difference in the city’s landscape. We envision spaces that will inspire people, help them connect with one another, and enrich the human experience.

We do this by embracing the life, love, and diversity of the city. Recognizing that every great design is the result of a combination of ideas, we’re inspired by the dynamism of urban life. Our services and original creations are reflected in our portfolio. You’ll be surprised by what we can do for you.

Modern Architecture

Our Team

The People Who Make It Happen

We pride ourselves on having a team of architects that are professional, passionate and creative. Their ideas shape the direction of our company and ensure a unique approach to each one of our projects. Read on to learn more about our incredible team and their areas of expertise.

Happy Young Man

Jordan Parker

Remodeling Consultant

Jordan Parker has been working as a Remodeling Consultant since 2000, brilliantly balancing their designs between practical functionality and sheer beauty. Let Jordan Parker guide you through all the depths of the design process by reaching out today.

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Reese Whiteman


Having been with us since day one, Designer Reese Whiteman specializes in projects of all scales, thinking of innovative ideas and space planning designs that are unique to our brand.

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Jamie Lane

Senior Architect

Jamie Lane is in charge of many Earthwise Design projects, and expertly prioritizes tasks and resources. Earthwise Design would definitely not be the same without our incredible Senior Architect.


Our Clients

Past Projects

Earthwise Design is known for placing people at the heart of every project. We have had the great fortune to work with a wide range of clients and design their dream spaces. Read on to learn more about the customers we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Client 5


Incredible Results

Some clients who approach us are not sure what they’d like done, but Hera knew exactly what they were looking for. We designed an entirely new space that would suit their needs and requirements and are pleased to say that they were very happy with the results.

Client 6


Detailed Design

Axes were looking to make a few small touch-ups and changes to their space. However, after seeing what our team was able to do in such a short amount of time, they decided to go ahead and renovate the entire space.

Client 4


Decor at It’s Best

When Volve approached us, they had a very specific design plan in mind. We worked together to create a space that they would be happy with. Judging by the feedback we received from them, it seems that they were extremely pleased with our design, and so are we.

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